Little Books - Touching lives


Author Jeannie Lee Eddy, above, loves to teach children that God made each one of them special.   

Reaching Kenya

Jeannie Lee sends her books to Kenya, working with other ministries. Her books have put smiles on children's faces around the world! 

Reaching Uguanda

Little Children's Books are also in Uganda. The children there love the books and they have brought happiness to their lives. 

Reaching Philippians

These amazing children's books have reached villages in Philippians, teaching children and opening new adventures. 

Partnering Ministries

Little Children's Books has partnered with several ministries that reach from the USA, to all across the world. Together, they work to bring joy to children's lives.

Our Mission

Jeannie Lee's mission through her books is to bring joy to children, while teaching them about God's love for each of them!  Jeannie Lee's mission is to share the love of God around the world.