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You Were Made Special...

    “YOU are God's creation and His special masterpiece,” says the author to her young readers. “You were made so special by God that He gave you your very own fingerprints. There is only one YOU in the whole world!”

Jeannie Lee Eddy

 Jeannie Lee Eddy is an Ordained Minister, Author, Educator, and Speaker working in Ministry and writing Little Children's Books to share the love of God around the world.

  Jeannie Lee Eddy  holds a Master's Degree and serves on the Board of Directors with four Ministries, She is a proud mommy and grand mommy. 

Jeannie Lee Eddy pens much needed story for children in an age of bullying – highlights that God “created a masterpiece” with each person 

According to the author, in this time when God and Prayers are being taken out of schools and public functions, it is vital that little ones know how much God loves them and that they are very special. She stresses that this is the time, and now is the moment, to instill this knowledge in today’s precious children.  

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